Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Hybrid Electric Vehicles are a must for the Green Resource Home.

If you are going to have all the benefits of a Green Resource home then park a Hybrid Electric Vehicle in the garage like the XGEM model. Hybrid Vehicles are a mix and/or shift between different energy and fuel sources. Most are part electric and part gas or some other alternative fuel. Current technology will get you 27 to 40% efficiency with your gas mileage. The costs of the vehicles seem to be a little expensive and the repairs seem to be higher using current technology. You must have a Master Degree to work on these vehicles. Â Battery replacement is costly and has an affect on the mileage in both cold and hot weather. Â Make sure your hybrid vehicle has the “Extra Load” tires as you will get about 2 miles more per gallon.

The one thing that was lobbied for on these vehicles was the reduction of warranty on the converters from 8 years to 3 years and the replacement costs are very expensive. Someone must have turned and looked the other way on this EPA change. Overall, the vehicles are very quiet, have a great ride and just keep on running. The vehicles do have a special feel that make them fun to drive. You feel better as you are doing something that helps with the environment and with the dependence on oil. Filing up your gas tank is when you smile the most…!

The Hybrid’s future was written for the automobile industry but as any sector of business, it takes something special for management decisions on government mandates versus using directives or lobbying for the wrong reasons.

If you are thinking vehicles will be all electric you may be wrong. Lots of lobbying to have electric plug-in vehicles take us back to the early century when we had them before the combustible engine. The combustion engine is dead and adding electric motors is one step closer to where the re-modernization era begins in 2011-2015. More electricity as we know it today adds to pollution and adds security risks from its dependence.

Now, the playing field is defined and the visions and knowledge will step to the forefront to “leap frog” America’s automobile industry to its place in history for the 21st Century.