Green POD Energy Reduction

Green POD Energy Reduction

A “Green POD is a Green Resource residential or commercial facility in any area that represents a “Point Of Distribution” or ”Place Of Distribution” called a POD. Green Resource products are Energy, Clean Air, Clean Water, Security, Hybrid Vehicles and related pieces and parts. These locations will always have these qualities and be very efficient to operate. In the event of the severe weather or some other major energy interruption emergency, a Green POD should have energy.

A Hybrid Green POD is an environmental and economical benefit to any community. The Hybrid Green POD for areas selected requires that its City Council agrees and supports their community in having this stimulus benefit for Homeowners and Businesses using Green Resource Energy products.  Members of the community are urged to install energy reduction devices on their own homes or Small Businesses to reflect the benefits for all the community. Homeowners and Small Businesses will be issued Green POD Certificates that warrants the guaranteed reduction of electricity usage.

Average reduction of electricity usage is about 30% for residential and for Commercial could be as high as 50%. Each residential unit under in the Green POD will have special rebates and will show a favorable return of investment based on the current average utility bill. For certain Green POD areas, 30 to 300 or more jobs will be created to establish manufacturer and assembly facilities for the units meeting the community needs. New jobs are for students and displaced individuals as a stimulus.

The owners of the homes or commercial facilities may own or rent the units with a 20 year life expectancy.  The Green Resource energy products are installed by Green POD electricians or authorized local service entities of the community.

Green PODS are to be planted in many communities and will yield amazing benefits and economic growth for new jobs, provide homeowners as well as Small Businesses, a Stimulus promoted by the community participation starting in 2011-2015. All part of the re-modernization of America and its Energy Policy…! American Made…!Leave a post.