The Associated Countries in Technology International Incubator Inc has caused the agreement for distribution and manufacturing of the SolarECO Systems in the USA with CA to service the markets where such Solar System will benefit.

Block Ledger

You are hearing a lot about Block Ledger. Now is the time to determine how this will play a part in your business. The shipping companies will be requiring all products to be on Block Ledger within the next five years or before. NEO and it’s Manufacturing need this ASAP.

Block Ledger
5G update

Associated Countries in Technology International Incubator dba S.H.I.P. (Sustainable Housing and Infrastructure Projects) has provided an exclusive Block Ledger license to the various Conduits.

GreenWheel Farms Enters into Humanitarian Collaboration

INFORMATIONAL INTERNATIONAL NEWS has received a report from Associated Countries in Technology International Incubator Inc d.b.a. Green Resource Homes that it is announcing it has caused to form GreenWheel Farms Inc. GreenWheel Farms is to grow Organic Food and is best said ‘Simply Better Than Organic Produce’. GreenWheel Farms will launch additional GreenWheel Farms by using Vermculture […]

SABR-coin Cryptocurrency using the lastest Technology

You are invited to be a Charter Member or Founder of the REVVCARD (the Newest most advanced SMART Card and as a founder you will have many advantages. Take a look at the two minute video at SMART Card as this link will allow you to join. Then watch the compensation program initial recording at Compensation Plan This is great positioning […]

U.S./Canadian-Mexican/Native-American Job Corridors

A Public, Private Partnership consortium for Sustainable Housing and Infrastructure Projects proposes Joint U.S. / Canadian-Mexican / Native-American Infrastructure Job Corridors with Smart Wall Border Security / Energy / Water / and Transnational Railroad using America’s answer to high-speed rail. Hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of precious metal ore concentrates have been offered and […]

Holographics Optical Technologies brings Holograms to the forefront

AUGUSTA, Ga., March 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Holographic Optical Technologies of Augusta, Georgia, innovator in the field of holographic medical imaging, is entering the world of consumer electronics with the announcement of its Kickstarter campaign. Launching on April 20th, 2015, the campaign will introduce the company’s new Voxbox and Voxbox Pro. The 8-inch and 22-inch […]


Informative International News has received word that collaboration agreements signed by the Associated Countries in Technology International Incubator Inc have led to the forming of three new companies; Holographics Optical Technologies Inc, 3D Holographics Display Technologies Inc and 3D Holographics Medical Imaging Inc. These three companies have initial funding with a second tier funding within 60 […]


Informational International News has it that two consortium’s have signed a Master Collaboration Agreement for Research, Development and Implementation for new above the ground Air Trams for moving people freely to various end points using existing rail, new highway developments or the modernization of existing roadways. The collaboration will allow the American 3Cs program to work (Companies or Countries […]

Increase US Debt Equals Harmony for Americans

Famous quote “You are only worth tomorrow what you owe today”.  Remember when, if you purchased your home you could count on it being worth more than you paid for it. It was your retirement safety net. This makes a lot of sense. This was true until we had the financial crisis but it still is […]

Laser POD Perimeter System Demonstrates Ability to Detect Security Breaches

April 3, 2013: LITO Technologies Inc. of  Canton, OH in conjunction with RL Associates Inc. (Yardley, PA) and XGEM Inc. (Canton, OH), have successfully tested a prototype device to allow users to image scenes clearly through most types of environmental obscurants including Fog, Snow, Haze, Rain and Hail.  The device, known as the LITO Pod system, also […]


The most important thing to a government and its economy is the re-circulation of its currency. For the last 15 years and longer, the attempt to do so has taken many different directions from giving it away with nothing in return…

Credit Ratings

Corporations and News Media that make profits from rating others as to whether you are worthy or not has raised its head and spit out fire. Perhaps this is a time to put these agencies, organizations and corporations back to where the fire eating dragons rest today.

Launches LITO

Informational International News has received the latest news release in what we reported earlier that this was a big event. Following is the information we received that reflects the project and its potential success.